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Monthly Archives: January 2013

fire fighting drill

A Fire Fighting Drill

      The winter is a season that is very easy to catch on fire. Besides, Chinese Spring Festival is upon us. No one wants anything bad happens among us. So in December 2012, our company BAOLAIYA OPTO-ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. was holding an annual fire fighting drill. There is an old proverb that god only helps

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The Light Sources Of Backlights

       It is very import to choose the right light source for the design of backlights. The light sources you are using not only determine opto-electronic parameters of consumption, luminance, color and other optical parameters, but also decide the features of using conditions and serving time. Light source  shape Light source kind Light source wave

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A Brief Introduction For Touch Screen

       Touch screen is a screen of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). It can receive contact from outside, like man’s finger. When you touch a picture button of LCD, the screen would generate some kind of contact signal according to pre-programmed programs. It is perfect replacing mechanical button, not only from function effect, but also from

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LED tube light

A Brief Introduction For Illumination

      Mankind has entered the age of brightness since Thomas Edison invented carbon filament incandescent lamp in 1879. When we look back the illumination history, new light source emerged in endless stream, for example fluorescent lamp, mercury lamp, high/low pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, compact fluorescent lamp, high frequency energy-saving fluorescent lamp, microwave lamp

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6028LCD light view

An Introduction For Liquid Crystal

       As we know, the state of matter that people familiar with is gas, liquid, solid, ion and liquid crystal. Liquid crystal is the combination of special structure molecules. It is liquid crystal in a certain temperature range and crystal in a lower temperature. It not only has special physical property of flowing, but also

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The Trends Of Backlight

Size flexible and portable               Nowadays the IT industry is developing quickly, and the LCD industry which is one of related industries is benefited from this trend.  LCD products which have become an important part of our life are developing into many kinds of products that are sizes flexible and very light and suitable

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