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Monthly Archives: June 2013

thermometer black and yellow STN segment LCD

Production Process of LCD Screen

Production Process of LCD Screen III. Main Introduction: 1、 ITO patterning using wet chemical etching processes. ITO Glass (Inspection) => Pre-Cleaning=> =>Etching=> Peel off=>Inspection 2、PI Coating:  Uniformity Coating the Polyimide layers onto the glass Cleaning before PI=> PI Coating=> PI Backing=>Inspection 3、Rubbing: Rubbing the surface of tropism layer based on the given direction. ( Woolen

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The basic structure and requirements of backlights

The Basic Structure and Requirements of Backlights

 LED backlight can  be divided  into several important parts. Light Guide Plate: It is divided into printed type and non-printed type by light guide point production method. Non-printed type light guide plate: An excellent mold has to been produced before the process begins. Light guide plate is injected in particular shape with the mold. A

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Main Problem to Achieve The Touch Function on PC

What is the main problem to achieve the touch function on PC? The maximum size of  tablet computer is generally  10.1 inch, and the size of notebook computer  and super  thin notebook computer  is 13-14 inch, the size of PC display can reach more than 21 inch. The problem of PC touch screen which is

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The Requirement of Touch Panel Manufacturers in The Future

What is the requirement of touch panel manufacturers with the trend that the super thin notebook computer and the smart phone are getting thinner and lighter in the future?  So far, the biggest trend of touch pane is getting lighter and thinner. The traditional G/G structure of touch panel is that the cover glass and

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6135 LCD module light view

The Technical Parameters Of LCD

1.Visual Area The marked size of liquid crystal display is the actual use scope of the screen. For example, a 15.1 inch LCD display approximately equals to the visual scope of a 17 inch CRT screen. 2.Visual Angle The visual angle of liquid crystal display is horizontal symmetrical, but it is not always vertically symmetrical.

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GU10F50H60W3W LED Spotlight

The Design of LED

The appearance of LED has broken the design methods and ideas of traditional light source. There are two kinds of latest design concepts.    Firstly, it is scene illumination. It is going to making a better scene and surrounding environment is its central which always will be. It is going to create a beautiful and brilliant

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