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Monthly Archives: September 2013


The Best Route to Visit Our Factory

 The Best Route to Visit Our Factory (BAOLAIYA OPTO-ELECTRONICS CO., LTD)  Come to a foreign country to visit a factory is quite devastating.  And the road is completely hopeless confusing. But with some help, it could be less painful.   I have been doing some serious research and asked for several of my friends.      First,

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The Comparison Of Bottom LED Backlight And Edge LED Backlight1

Bottom LED Backlight vs Edge LED Backlight

The comparison of  bottom LED backlight and edge LED backlight By now, Ihave worked for a large backlight manufacturer in Shenzhen, China  almost one year.  LED light source is the best for all the light sources to backlight. The thickness of LED backlight is based on two important factors: the client and design requirements.Moreover, almost

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Color temperature

What is Color Temperature

The color temperature is that human eyes see the variation of the color when light waves are in different energy. We regard Kelvin as the unit for color temperature, and the radiation of object is 0 °and Kelvin is -273 ° C as the starting point of calculation. When the object is heated, the color

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