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A Test Report of LCD PINs Soldered on PCB

        PIN connection is the most widely used connection because it is very steady. Unfortunately, not everyone is an expect at soldering. Every now and then, we can hear customers complaining about the failing rate was very high after the PINs were soldered on PCB. And I was always wondering if they

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My Experience of Being Cheated by Foreign Scum Artists

       It used to take several months to travel from China to United States of America by sea transportation. Now, it only takes a few seconds to chat to your friends online by social network (facebook, what app, skype, google +) as long as we have a smart phone, desktop or laptop computer.

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Film Making Machine Making Film Video

reflection film/diffusion film & self-adhesive Release Paper film making machine close-up of film making machine the products are coming out. reflection film and diffusion film

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Video of Making Silk Printing Light Guide Plate Process

light guide plate before printing close-up of light guide plate clean up with alcohol before printing printing the light guide plates with oil dry up the printing light guide plates laser cutting machine laser cutting machine  is cutting light guide plates silk print light guide plate and light guide points

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Auto Wrapping Light Guide Plate Machine Working Video

comparison of light guide plate has been wrapped and one has  not Before going into the auto wrapping light guide plate machine Auto Wrapping Light Guide Plate Machine Close Shoot of  Auto Wrapping Light Guide Plate Machine After going into the auto wrapping light guide plate machine

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Injection Light Guide Plate Machine Working Video

injection light guide plate machine  injection light guide plate machine with someone working injection light guide plate machine is working. injeciton light guide plates are just coming out. We can see injection light guide plates very clearly. cutting extra plastic collecting light guide plates injection light guide plate

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3 Ways We Make Custom Round LCD Module

      As we all know, nothing can stop the development of the technology.  It is an inevitable trend that wearable technology will become the wave of the future since Apple and Google have separately launched their wearable watches.      One of the components the wearable watch need is LCD screen. I have

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The Ways We Make Round And Ring LED Backlight

Hello everyone, happy China New Year! It has been a really long time since my last post. And how have you been? I have been received many RFQs for round and ring LED backlights recently, and I want to find a chance to explain how we make them.  I will  make everything very clear, so

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6114 LCD light view

7 Things You May Not Know About VA LCD Panel

I have been writing the posts about the comparison of all kind of LCD screens and its structure for a while. Only one kind of LCD screen we are doing I haven’t mentioned yet: VA LCD. So let me show you something may not know about VA LCD. One, VA LCD is the updated vision

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Hope you are in your happy plate today

Hope You are Happy

One, always smile. Two, learn to share the joy with others. Three, more than happy to help other people. Four, maintain your innocence. Five, learn to get along with all kinds of people happily. Six, keep your sense of humor. Seven, be calm in chaos. Eight, learn to forgive others. Nine, have several close friends. Ten, have your goals and aspirations. Eleven, often cooperate with others and have

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