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A Test Report of LCD PINs Soldered on PCB

        PIN connection is the most widely used connection because it is very steady. Unfortunately, not everyone is an expect at soldering. Every now and then, we can hear customers complaining about the failing rate was very high after the PINs were soldered on PCB. And I was always wondering if they

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3 Ways We Make Custom Round LCD Module

      As we all know, nothing can stop the development of the technology.  It is an inevitable trend that wearable technology will become the wave of the future since Apple and Google have separately launched their wearable watches.      One of the components the wearable watch need is LCD screen. I have

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6114 LCD light view

7 Things You May Not Know About VA LCD Panel

I have been writing the posts about the comparison of all kind of LCD screens and its structure for a while. Only one kind of LCD screen we are doing I haven’t mentioned yet: VA LCD. So let me show you something may not know about VA LCD. One, VA LCD is the updated vision

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19264B LCD module light view

9 Things You May Not Know About ITO Glass & Polarizer Film

     If you want to know about ITO glass and polarizer film, you must learn about the basic structure of LCD screens first.      LCD is the abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Display. Its main principle is based on stimulating the liquid crystal molecules by the current to produce points, lines and flat surfaces which

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6135 LCD module light view

COB LCD Module vs COG LCD Module vs COF LCD Module

     Classification of LCD Module      LCD Module(LCM) has 4 parts: LCD screen, LED backlight, IC and PCB (maybe a plastic shell).   We can simply consider that it has two parts: LCD screen and LED backlight because we can see  from the appearance and they are the main constituents.   LCM can

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240128E LCD module back view

11 Points We Must Confirm Before We Quote A Custom LCD Screen

11 Points We Must Confirm Before We Quote A Custom LCD Screen Some of my customers have sent me an inquiry about LCD panels and asked for a price. They only gave me the information about the screen size, for example, segment LCD screen 36 x 22 mm & 57 x 22 mm & 77

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view angle

Positive & Negative Display and Viewing Direction of LCD Display

Positive & Negative Display and Viewing Direction of LCD Display As we know, LCD display which is negative display can’t emit light by its own. It either relies on ambient light or uses LED backlight in the back as light source. We divide LCD display into transmissive LCD, reflective LCD and transflective LCD according to

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Transmissive LCD vs Reflective LCD vs Transflective LCD

Viewing Modes of LCD Panel LCD  panel can be divided into Transmissive LCD, Reflective LCD and Transflective LCD by the illumination methods. Transmissive LCD is the most common LCD screen, which requires a backlight as the light source and there is no reflective film in the back of LCD screen. Advantage: we can see the

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6089 LCD light view

The Comparison of TN, HTN, STN, FSTN LCD

Display Type TN LCD HTN LCD STN LCD FSTN LCD Advantage cheapest cheaper a big  view angle have all the advantage of STN A wide range of applications a wiser view angle than TN Diversity of display mode a better background color easy to produce easy to produce It can realize multichannel drive and large

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Conductive rubber strip

Conductive Rubber Strip vs Metal Pin vs Zebra Connection

The Connection Type Of LCD  can be mainly divided into Conductive Rubber Strip Connection, Metal Pin Connection and Zebra  Connection Conductive Rubber Strip Connection It is flexible and no welding, rapid assembly and disassembly, it has a better shock resistance. Metal Pin Connection Metal pin connection can be soldered directly to the printed circuit board. PIN is

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