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LED panel light DX0043

Four Advantages of LED Panel Light

First, the light of LED panel light is more comfortable. The traditional light sources emphasize on the effect of illumination and color. But it makes us very uncomfortable if it lasts a long time. And the LED panel light inclines to make nature light which is much tender and softer. Second, it has a longer

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Color temperature

What is Color Temperature

The color temperature is that human eyes see the variation of the color when light waves are in different energy. We regard Kelvin as the unit for color temperature, and the radiation of object is 0 °and Kelvin is -273 ° C as the starting point of calculation. When the object is heated, the color

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LED Backlight Color Production Theory

If we want to know about LED backlight color production theory, we must learn about LED lamps first.  The colors of LED backlights are composited by the colors of LED lamps we are going to use. First, how can we choose what kind of LED lamp we are going to use? Basically, there are 3

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LED Serial Connection vs LED Parallel Connection

The LED lamps connection arrangement directly affect the backlight performance There are two main ways of LED backlight technology is applied in liquid crystal television: bottom  LED backlight source and edge LED backlight source. Although each has its own merits,  edge LED backlight module is becoming the major in the market because of relative low cost.

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B8256backlight light view

LED Backlight vs CCFL Backlight

Five Advantages of LED Backlight Module Thank to Sony Corporation as the first company to launch the LED backlight liquid crystal television which had attracted widely attention. It has reached a new level in both vivid color and ultra thin. We have concluded five advantages of LED backlight liquid crystal television. Firstly, it is more

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the economical result comparision for LED tube light and traditional fluorescent tube light

LED Tube Light vs Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube Light

the economical result comparision for LED tube light and Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube Light the kinds of comparison traditional fluorescent tube light   remarks specification T8/1200mm T8/600mm 1.if it works 24 hours a day and 360 days a years, its total working time will be 8760 hours a year. is assumed that the cost of

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GU10F50H60W3W LED Spotlight

The Design of LED

The appearance of LED has broken the design methods and ideas of traditional light source. There are two kinds of latest design concepts.    Firstly, it is scene illumination. It is going to making a better scene and surrounding environment is its central which always will be. It is going to create a beautiful and brilliant

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The Advantages of LED

Firstly, small volume Basically, LED is a tiny chip surrounding by Epoxy Resin, so it is very small and very light. Secondly, low power consumption LED is direct current driving and very low power consumption (single unit 0.03-0.06w). The conversion rate of electricity –light is close to 30%. Normally, the working voltage of LED is

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LED tube light

A Brief Introduction For Illumination

      Mankind has entered the age of brightness since Thomas Edison invented carbon filament incandescent lamp in 1879. When we look back the illumination history, new light source emerged in endless stream, for example fluorescent lamp, mercury lamp, high/low pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, compact fluorescent lamp, high frequency energy-saving fluorescent lamp, microwave lamp

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