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the price obviously went down while the capacitive touch screen was popularized

Capacitive Touch Screen was Popularized as The Price Went Down

   What  did make the change that the price obviously went down while the capacitive touch screen was popularized  quickly in the last two years?        The market price of one 7 inch capacitive touch screen was about 17-18 dollar in 2011. And the market price had dropped to 12-13 dollar in the

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capacitive touch panel

Capacitive Touch Panel

Capacitive touch panel mainly has 4 layers of composite panels. The outmost is glass layer for protection, the second panel is conducting and inducting layer, the third panel is non-conducting glass layer and the inmost is conducting layer which is shielding the electronic signal from inside. The first glass layer and the third glass layer

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What difficulties do we have in producing large size touch panel

The Difficulties of Making Large Size Touch Panel

What difficulties do we have  in producing large size touch panel? Producing large size touch panel  will be much more difficult with a series of problems, such as the sensor impedance, noise, cost,  production process and so on.  For example, there will be a lot of problems in pasting process. If  touch panel is adopting

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Main Problem to Achieve The Touch Function on PC

What is the main problem to achieve the touch function on PC? The maximum size of  tablet computer is generally  10.1 inch, and the size of notebook computer  and super  thin notebook computer  is 13-14 inch, the size of PC display can reach more than 21 inch. The problem of PC touch screen which is

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The Requirement of Touch Panel Manufacturers in The Future

What is the requirement of touch panel manufacturers with the trend that the super thin notebook computer and the smart phone are getting thinner and lighter in the future?  So far, the biggest trend of touch pane is getting lighter and thinner. The traditional G/G structure of touch panel is that the cover glass and

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A Brief Introduction For Touch Screen

       Touch screen is a screen of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). It can receive contact from outside, like man’s finger. When you touch a picture button of LCD, the screen would generate some kind of contact signal according to pre-programmed programs. It is perfect replacing mechanical button, not only from function effect, but also from

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