A Fire Fighting Drill

      The winter is a season that is very easy to catch on fire. Besides, Chinese Spring Festival is upon us. No one wants anything bad happens among us. So in December 2012, our company BAOLAIYA OPTO-ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. was holding an annual fire fighting drill. There is an old proverb that god only helps the people who help themselves.
The fire drill includes two parts, part one is fire escape, and part two is putting out a small fire. Most of us must leave the scene of fire and transfer to a safe place when we encounter a fire.
       This is a picture that our staffs were leaving the fire scene in stairs.
A Fire Fighting Drill1
      This is a picture that our staffs were gathering in the ground.
A Fire Fighting Drill2
      As we know, a small fire is very easy to be put out, especially when it just starts. So some simple fire fighting skill should be controlled by everyone.
     There are two pictures that our staffs were practicing to put out a small fire with a fire extinguisher.
A Fire Fighting Drill3

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