The Best Route to Visit Our Factory

 The Best Route to Visit Our Factory (BAOLAIYA OPTO-ELECTRONICS CO., LTD

Come to a foreign country to visit a factory is quite devastating.  And the road is completely hopeless confusing. But with some help, it could be less painful.

  I have been doing some serious research and asked for several of my friends.

     First, you need the visa to allow you to come to China.  The simplest way is that you find your local travel agency that will arrange everything for you. It may cost some money, but it is the best way that you can travel and work at one trip.

It is quite complicated to apply working visa which is divided into temporary visa and permanent visa. We only talk about temporary working visa.  You offer one copy of your passport, copies of your company business registration and tax registration, your office photos, a copy of your company registration records on national public directory (Company News) and your certificate of employment.  Then we can take care of the rest. Frankly,  temporary working visa is not very easy to get, and I suggest you’d better to apply a travel visa.

Second, how do you get here? Arriving to Hong Kong first and then come to China mainland is the best choice. The travel cost from Moscow to Hong Kong is much cheaper than the cost from Moscow to Shenzhen or Guangzhou.  Besides, it can save a lot of time. Today, it is September-23. If we take the cheapest airplane from Moscow to Shenzhen on September 28, it will take 3120 RMB and 15 hours. If we take the fastest airplane from Moscow to Shenzhen on September 28, it will take 4222 RMB and 12 hours. But if we take the cheapest airplane from Moscow to Hong Kong on September 28, it only takes 2357 RMB and 8 hours 35 minutes.

Moscow to ShenzhenMoscow to Hong Kong

 Hypothetically, when you are at Hong Kong airport, what should you do to get to our factory?  As you arrive at Hong Kong, you leave from NO.1 passenger building, take A Exit and go to NO.12 counter Eternal East Bus( You just need to pay 200 RMB to buy a ticket from Hong Kong airport to Rivan Hotel(

By the way, there is a bus from Hong Kong airport to Rivan Hotel every 15 minute from 7:30 AM to 22:30 PM.  Let us take a look at the bus.  It is a 7 person commercial vehicle.
7 person commercial vehicle
When you are at Rivan Hotel, call me or send me a message, I will pick you up in half an hour. Or you can call me in advance.  You remember my phone number, right?
Have a great trip and welcome to visit to our factory.

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