7 Things You May Not Know About VA LCD Panel

I have been writing the posts about the comparison of all kind of LCD screens and its structure for a while. Only one kind of LCD screen we are doing I haven’t mentioned yet: VA LCD.

So let me show you something may not know about VA LCD.

One, VA LCD is the updated vision of TN LCD with black background, high contrast. There are 7 main technical parameters for LCD screen.  If I have to choose two most important parameters to indicate the quality of LCD screen, it would be view direction (visual angle) and contrast rate.  VA LCD has the best contrast rate.

Please see the picture below. It is an entry-level LCD screen; reflective TN LCD that is gray backlight and black letters positive display and don’t need a LED backlight.
This kind of LCD panel has been widely used because of its cheap price.  You can see the pattern very clear under strong external light, especially sunshine. Actually, the strong the external light, the better you can see the pattern under normal circumstances. But it has deadly weaknesses that it is not only bad stylish, which means it is not good looking, but also it has a bad view angle and low Contrast Ratio.

Let me put a white LED backlight behind this LCD screen and see what happens.

It is white background and black letters positive display transmisive TN LCD screen. It looks better, especial at night time, in my opinion.
Could we switch the background color and letter color and see what happens?

It is gray background and white letter negative display TN screen with white LED backlight. It isn’t looking too good, is it?  Could background color be black instead of gray? It will look much better.  Of course, it can, but then it will become VA LCD.  People want to improve the view direction (visual angle) and contrast rate Of LCD screen, so they invented VA LCD. In the other word, VA LCD is the updated vision of TN LCD.


It does look good, doesn’t it?  It is usually used in high-class electronic products. For example: Vehicle electronic products.

Two, VA LCD has the best contrast ratio.  Let us see a group of VA LCD screen pictures blew.

It is no double that the black background and white letter VA LCD is the best one. As I know, as long as it is black background and monochrome, it must be VA LCD.   That is simple.  Only the background of VA LCD screen is black. In other word, black background LCD screen can’t be made into any other kind, except VA LCD panel.

Three, It is negative display and comes along with LED backlight. Because its background is black, it is certain that it is negative display. And is it possible that VA LCD that does not come along with LED backlight?  Yes, it can, but it is unreasonable and illogical that VA LCD screen is so expensive, which is only applied in high-class electronic product, and LED backlight is so cheap. In my opinion, it is stupid that it doesn’t come along with LED backlight.

Four, the view angle of VA LCD is not as long as we expect. FSTN LCD does have the best view angle.

It is a 12 o’clock view direction VA LCD. You can see it very clear in 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock direction. But it is very blured in 6 o’clock direction. On the hand, FSTN VCD can be seen very clear in all the direction.

Five, we can get the best display effect when it is applied in the indoor. It will still be good as long it adopts transflective polarizer film.  Even though, outdoor is not the best using condition for VA LCD panel.

Please see the table below.

Polarizer film Using condition LED backlight stylish display effect
transmissive indoor YES/ expensive YES Good
transmissive outdoor YES/ expensive YES Bad
Reflective indoor NO NO Good
Reflective outdoor NO NO Good
transflective/ expensive indoor YES/ expensive YES Good
transflective/ expensive outdoor YES/ expensive YES Good

 Six, if you see carefully, you will find out most of VA LCD screens are segment and COB structure.  We would only recommend that we use COG LCD when it is a very small dot matrix screen. It is a technical challenge to make VA COG dot matrix LCD, so it is expensive. Meanwhile, COB is the most common used and the most reliable structure for LCD screen. It is stupid and a great waste of money to make VA COG segment LCD.

Seven, it is usually third grade operation temperature because VA is a high-class LCD product.  Liquid crystal can be divided into three grades: first grades, second grades and third grade according to the temperature.

  Operating Temperature Storage Temperature
First grade 0℃~+50℃ -10℃~+60℃
Second grade -10℃~+60℃ -20℃~+70℃
Third grade -20℃~+70℃ -30℃~+80℃

The price differences for these three grades of temperature are very minimum if we look at the price differences for TN, HTN and VA LCD.

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