LCD Projector

LCD projector is a combined product of liquid crystal technology and projecting technology. It controls LCD unit transmittance and reflectance through electronic circuit by using electronic-optic effect, so that it will produce different space levels and as many as 16.7 million kinds of colors beautiful images. The main constructing and imaging device of LCD projector is liquid crystal sheet, and the smaller the sheet the smaller the projector. Liquid crystal is divided into active liquid crystal and inactive liquid crystal by electronic-optic effect. The active liquid crystal is used by liquid crystal sheet which illumination and color is controlled by electronic circuit. LCD projector is made of the twist nematic liquid crystal just like liquid crystal display device. And a dedicated high power light bulb is applied to LCD projector, so its light power is much higher than CRT projector which is using fluorescent lamp. Then the brightness and color saturation of LCD projector are better than CRT projector’s. Once liquid crystal sheet is chosen, the resolution of LCD projector is basically determined, so LCD projector’s function to adjust the resolution is worse than CRT projector’s.

The LCD projector is divided into single sheet and triplet sheets by the quantity of liquid crystal sheets.  Modern LCD projectors mostly adopt triplet sheets which are red, green and blue liquid crystal sheets. The light from light source goes through dichroic mirror and is divided into red, green and blue three color lights in sequence. Red light is firstly projected into red liquid crystal sheet which records all the red information of the image with transparency. So does the other colors. And then three lights converge in the grism and are projected in projection screen in full color image. The images of triplet sheets LCD projector are much clearer and much brighter than single sheet’s.  It takes up more than 70% market shares and is mostly widely used because of its small volume, light weight, simple process, high luminance, high contrast ratio and moderate resolution.

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