An Analysis Of The Light Guide Plate Production Technology

Light guide plate is an important part in the backlight industry and the LCD industry.  This article is going to discuss the material of light guide plate and the drying methods of printing ink.

1 Material:   So for, the PMMA is the most widely used material in backlight industry and LCD industry. PMMA (POLYMETHYL METHACRYLATE) which also is known as acrylic or plexiglass is poison-less and has good chemical stability and heat resistance which can be used in the production of tableware, sanitary ware and so on. PMMA is not going to tend to produce sharp fragments when it is broken.  The United States, Japan and other countries and regions have to make a mandatory provision in the law that the architectural glass of schools and kindergartens must employ PMMA resin. Also, it has been extensively used in Beijing Olympic outdoor color architecture project. But due to the inherent shortcoming that low surface hardness, low impact resistance, poor deformability and so on, some backlight  manufacturers and LCD manufacturers begin to look for the alternative to PMMA. Nippon Zeon (Japan)has promoted a new material Zeonor cyclic olefin polymer (Cycio Olefins Polymer, COP) for a few years.  It has a couple of selling points that low specific gravity and low water absorption.  Its capacity hasn’t reach economic scale because Zeonor only has been launched for a few years and the unit price of Zeonor is almost four times as PMMA’s. It is purely a joke that Zeonor will be applied in large scale in our low profit era at present.

2 It is divided into natural drying, IR(Infrared) drying and UV (ultraviolet)drying according to the drying methods of printing ink.

Natural drying is only applied in products which are less strict quality with printing ink effect.  Let us see the comparison with IR and UV.

Drying methods



Specific  methods

Heated in a container

Irradiated by ultraviolet


Good reflection, high brightness and good adhesion

Easy to control the quality because of low brightness, fast production


Printing ink is not stable because of high brightness, and the capacity is limited.

Low brightness and light guide lattice point is easy to fall off.


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