Ultra Thin LED Backlight Module is Going to Be Popular

LED backlight module is going to become be ultra thin and light to meet the  requirement of laptop computer

LED backlight is replacing CCFL backlight. As ealy as year 2005, SONY company had launched a screen size of 11.1 inch VAIO laptop computer with white LED backlight which draw a great attention of  LCD module manufacturers and LED backlight module manufacturers. Some people have noticed the trend of LED backlight for a few years. From that on, LCD and backlight industries began to reach and develop LED backlight and relative fields positively. VAIO laptop computer was the largest size product which adopted LED bakclight back then. People have adopted LED as the light source of backlight for a long time, but it can be made in the max size of 7 inch. Not only backlight module manufacturers are devoted into develop LED backlight,  but also LED  factories are committed to improve luminous efficacy. The difference of structure between LED backligh and CCFL backlight is the light guide plate. When the backlight adopts CCFL light source, light guide plate is a wedge board which is at least 20.0 mm because diameter of light tube is 18.0 mm. It is no way to make the laptop computer thinner and you can see the image above.

  Meanwhile, when the backlight adopts LED ligth source, the thickness limitation of the light guide plate is no longer existing, it can meet the requirement of laptop computer ultra thin and light. So far, our factory can make LED backlight as thin as 1.0 mm.

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