Backlight Manufacturers Overcome The Light and Dark Stripes

Overcoming the light and dark stripes is the excellent technology performance

Technically, V-cut light guide structure is likely to cause light and dark stripes because of the optical properties. And the backlight module manufacturers overcome the technical obstacle in urgent need. Taiwan’s LCD module manufacturers have a higher quality requirement to light guide plate than Korean and Japanese LCD module  manufacturers. It is a key point for them to develop in optical and precision processing technology that making the best combo for precision machined prism surface of light guide plate and atomizing surface. However, there are some technical development bottlenecks in significantly improving the brightness of v-cut technology. Some brightness enhanced film suppliers of guide light plate question that the structure of v-cut light guide plate is easy to cause scratching, poor uniformity and weak mechanical strength and so on. If it adopts traditional light guide plate technology, the pass rate is affected by the scratching. It requires the high quality of backlight module manufacturers which have advanced equipments and professional staff with qualify training.

Uniformity is about 75% for v-cut technology light guide plate, comparing with 85% for traditional technology, which is inevitable phenomenon when meeting customers’ requirement that the best performance of middle part of the light guide plate and excellent luminance. There are a lot of ways to solve the weak mechanical strength problem. For example: first laminating then fixing has passed most of vibration and shocking tests.

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