Bottom LED Backlight vs Edge LED Backlight

The comparison of  bottom LED backlight and edge LED backlight

By now, Ihave worked for a large backlight manufacturer in Shenzhen, China  almost one year.  LED light source is the best for all the light sources to backlight. The thickness of LED backlight is based on two important factors: the client and design requirements.Moreover, almost all the clients I have seen choose edge LED backlight.  Why? The reason  is very simple: it is very thin (1.00~5.00mm) and low power consumption,  and the cost of production is only 1/2-1/3 as the bottom LED backlight.  But there are some disadvantages for edge LED backlight that it is poor light uniformity and only good for small size. The large size edge LED backlight has a very poor light uniformity,  and only the bottom LED backlight can meet the large size light uniformity requirement.

The bottom LED backlight that LEDs are at the bottom of PCB and light directly irradiates in the surface of light guide plate is widely usded by larege size liquid crystal display (LCD) modules, such as 32 inch and above. The advantage of bottom LED backlight is high illumination and hign ligh uniformity. The structure of bottom LED backlight is more complated than edge LED backlight’s.  Usually,  it is required in dedicated PCB and dedicated plastic mold.

We  see the bottom LED backlight  in picture1. It is very thick which is  5-10 times thickness as edge LED backlight.

The Comparison Of Bottom LED Backlight And Edge LED Backlight2

We can see there are many SMD LEDs uniformly distributed in the PCB from picture2.

The Comparison Of Bottom LED Backlight And Edge LED Backlight3

In picture3, it is a close-up of SMD LEDs.

Why there are so many SMD LEDs in bottom backlight?  What will happen if it has lesser SMD LEDs or it is thinner? There will be light spots and some dark areas on the surface of the light guide plate.

From the images above, we can see that the bottom light guide plate is a LED light box which is very thick and expensive.

By the way, we see two special edge LED backlights.

The Comparison Of Bottom LED Backlight And Edge LED Backlight4

In picture4, Edge LED backlight which is made of cutting forming light guide plate and printing light guide lattice points  adopts DIP LED as light source.

The Comparison Of Bottom LED Backlight And Edge LED Backlight5

In picture5, Edge LED backlight which is made of injection molding light guide plate and non-printing light guide lattice points adopts SMD LED as light source.

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