High Luminous V-cut Light Guide Plate Has Been Widely Used

The technology of high luminous  v-cut light guide plate has been widely used in laptop computer

The technology of v-cut light guide plate which is applied in  backlight module is very popular in laptop computer nowadays.Its main structure is that a prism which has been micro-machined is installed  on the light guide plate and one zigzag prism sheet downward replaces two prisms upward. It not only reduces the cost, but also effectively increases 30% of luminance.

Compared with two upward prisms structure, the v-cut light guide plate with one downward prism structure  has more than 30% light efficiency. But its relatively view angle disappears. Fortunately, it will not affect the laptop computer,but can protect its privacy, though the pass rate is relatively low. For example, the most technology leading Japanese manufacturers with v-cup technology only have 80% pass rate, and the old technology has more than 95% pass rate. And the pass rate is impossible to skyrocket in a short time, so the cost is very difficult to decrease effectively. Because of excellent light efficiency performance, the technology of v-cut light guide plate has been gradually adopted by high-end laptop computer.  For example, there are more than 40% laptop computers that adopt v-cup technology in Korea,and the technology has been widely used for a few years in Japan. However, the v-cut light guide plate has been widespread used , backlight module manufacturers still have faced quite a few patent restrictions because these patents are mostly owned by Japanese manufacturers. If we can’t break the new technical obstacles by our own, we have to obtain authorization by purchasing patents in order to meet the requirement of the market.

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