The Trends Of Backlight

Size flexible and portable      

        Nowadays the IT industry is developing quickly, and the LCD industry which is one of related industries is benefited from this trend.  LCD products which have become an important part of our life are developing into many kinds of products that are sizes flexible and very light and suitable for people to carry. The LED Backlight which is one of most important parts of LCD is for sure becoming size flexible and portable.

Non-Printing type light guide plate becomes the major 

     The hard core technology of the backlight is light guide plate which is dividing into printing type light guide plate and non-printing type light guide plate. A mold is necessary for Non-Printing type light guide plate, although it is more expensive but more accurate. Printing type light guide plate is simple and cheap, so it is the major for a long time. Non-accurate always is its label. In the future, LCD is required to be more accurate, so it is pretty sure that Non-Printing type light guide plate will become the major.

Much Brighter 

        The Backlight has to be very bright, so it could meet the demand of LCD. But it takes a lot of energy for the brightness, which it is not suitable for portable digital products. In the future, the backlight will be much brighter while it is consuming the same amount of energy. Flat fluorescent lamp which luminance is reaching 500-700cd/m2 and service life is 100 thousand hours is its current goal.

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