What is Light Guide Plate

The main material of light guide plate is optical acrylic sheet which chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and its weight is 1190 KG per cubic meter. Transparent acrylic sheet is widely used because of its high light transmittance and strong impact resistance. The acrylic sheets in the market nowadays have huge differences among various processes of different manufacturers. Although recycled acrylic sheets are much cheaper, they easily get yellow and have a poor transmittance. The acrylic sheets which are produced into light guide plates should be anti-oxidized and have more than 92% transmittance.   The light guide plate is a transparent acrylic sheet which has been special scientific processed installs light sources on the sides which could be traditional fluorescent tube lights, LED lamps, CCFL cold cathode lamp tube lights and so on. When the electricity is turned on, the acrylic sheet will emit a bright uniform soft light.

Light guide plate has been widely used.

Light guide plate application products: ultra-thin light guide light box, light guide indicating plate, luminous photo frame, LCD backlight, ultra-thin film player and so on.

The materials which can be used in the boards of light guide plate are stainless steel, aluminum, wooden frame, plastic and so on.

The features of light guide plate products are ultra-thin, low power consumption, evenly brightness, comfort visual and attractive appearance.

Application fields : commercial centers, supermarkets, banks, chain stores, hotels, airports, bus stations, train Stations, bus stations, tunnels, subway stations, trains, elevator advertising displays, exhibitions, electrical products, LCD backlight, backlight instrument and so on.


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