LED Backlight vs CCFL Backlight

Five Advantages of LED Backlight Module

Thank to Sony Corporation as the first company to launch the LED backlight liquid crystal television which had attracted widely attention. It has reached a new level in both vivid color and ultra thin. We have concluded five advantages of LED backlight liquid crystal television.
Firstly, it is more energy saving. LED backlight products save 40% energy, comparing with products with CCFL backlight in civilian industry. According to our evaluation data, some high quality LED backlight products save 60% energy, comparing with mainstream products with CCFL backlight. Furthermore, as the development of LED backlight technology, LED backlight Module will be more energy saving in the future.
Secondly, it is green and environment-friendly. Mercury in CCFL backlight is considerable damage to the environment, but LED backlight does not contain it. As we know, the global display production in 2009 was 220 million units. If LED backlight displays are popular in the future, it will be very helpful to improve the global environment.
Thirdly, it has a wider color gamut. LED backlight module has a more pure white light and a wider color gamut, comparing with conventional CCFL backlight module. LED backlight display can display more vivid color and make a better color representation.
Fourthly, it has a longer serving time. Theoretically, LED backlight has a long serving time and a longer brightness decreasing cycle, comparing with CCFL backlight. And it still can extend the serving time with the development of the technology.
Fifthly, it is lighter and thinner. LED backlight products are much lighter and thinner than CCFL backlight products. The selling point of LED backlight displays in the market is ultra thin which meets the fashion needs of consumers.

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