Four Advantages of LED Panel Light

First, the light of LED panel light is more comfortable.
The traditional light sources emphasize on the effect of illumination and color. But it makes us very uncomfortable if it lasts a long time. And the LED panel light inclines to make nature light which is much tender and softer.
Second, it has a longer serving time
The serving time of LED panel light is five times as ordinary incandescent bulb, which is as long as 50,000 hours.
Third, it is much thinner.
It is much thinner than ordinary lighting fixture, and it is very easy and convenient to be installed. It not only can be embedded in the ceiling or hanged in the middle of air, but also can be mounted in the wall.
Fourth, it has a much higher light efficiency.
LED panel light adopts LED lamps as the light source, which is a cold light source and its energy is converted to the light rather than the heat. Therefore, it has a very high photoelectric conversion efficiency, which is five times as the same volume traditional lighting fixture.

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