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LED Panel Light


LED panel light DX0045
LED panel light DX0045

  300*600*15 mm  LED Panel Light  With Small Flower Pattern 

LED panel light DX0044
LED panel light DX0044

   300*600*15 mm  LED Panel Light  Without Any Pattern

LED panel light DX0043
LED panel light DX0043

300*300*15 mm  LED Panel Light  With Big Crown Pattern

LED panel light DX0042
LED panel light DX0042

 300*300*15 mm  LED Panel Light  With Small Flower Pattern 

LED panel light DX0041
LED panel light DX0041

300*300*15 mm  LED Panel Light  Without Any Pattern 

The Basic Structure of LED Panel Light

1. Aluminum frame
It is the main appearance structure and heat dissipation device of LED panel light. The aluminum frame is usually made of Aluminum6063, which is low cost, good appearance and good heat dissipation. There are some LED panel light manufacturers who adopt casting frame which needs a dedicated mold. It can make the IP rating better, sealed the light better and a better appearance, but it costs more in the initial.

2. Diffusion film
It is made of acrylic or PC, which can evenly diffuse the light and block the lattice points. We can make custom LED panel light according per customer's requirements. And we usually adopt the acrylic as the material for diffusion film.



light transmittance










3. Light guide plate
In fact, we can regard LED panel light as edge LED backlight. Light guide plate is extremely important to LED panel light. There are two important factors which affect the quality of light guide plate mostly. One, it is lattice point. If the design of the lattice point is not good enough, the overall effect is very poor. Such as: there is a light spot in the middle, meanwhile the rest is darker; the edges are lighter, and the center is darker. Two, it is light transmittance. Make sure you take a test on light transmittance of light guide plate before you buy it. Don't believe big brand. Take a test, otherwise you may be fooled.

4. Reflection film
It can reflect the light in the back of the light guide plate, which usually is RW250.

5. rear cover
It is usually made of aluminum, which can dissipate the heat and seal the whole lamp.

6. Light source
We usually adopt 3528 SMD LED as light source, which has been widely used in all kind fields of optical-electronic industry..

7. Driving power
There are two kinds of driving power. One, it is constant current which is higher efficiency, lower cost and higher PF value. Two, it is constant voltage and current which is stable, but lower efficiency and higher cost. We can make custom driving power according our customers' requirements. LED panel light is a 24 V output low voltage lighting, which can be directly and safely exported to all over the world.

A few problems should be paid special attention when we are making LED panel light.

One, the thermal plastic is the thinner the better. It is best to use self-adhesive thermal plastic, otherwise it will affect the thermal conductivity.

Two,We usually adopt diffusion film with one shinny surface and one foggy surface. But it is a drawback that the static electricity is huge. It is very easy to draw the dust in the surface in the production process, and there will be mass dust sucking into the LED panel light in the long term of using. There is a double side diffusive diffusion film which is low electrostatic and effectively avoid dust sucking into the body of LED panel light. But there is also a flaw that the light transmittance is only 85-88%.

Three,It is better to choose high light efficiency SMD LEDs because the low ones increase the heat and waste the energy.

Four, It is better not to use the glue to stick the reflection film. It is very easy to cause light spots because the glue can absorb the light. But if the view area of LED panel light is huge, we have to use a little glue to stick the reflection film, otherwise there will be shadow strips because the reflection film and the light guide plate don't stick together.