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 8 Characters * 2 Lines Positive Dot Matrix LCD Module

Please Download File0802A LCD module.pdf

Product Attribute

Model Number 0802A LCD  module
Brand Name BLY
Type LCD module
Screen Size 58*32*13.2mm
Color  Black character and green background
Brightness Highlight (adjustable)
Contrast Depends on customers requirements
Resolution Depends on customers requirements
Dot pitch 0.06(mm)
Response time 28 (ms)
Response time Depends on customers requirements
Viewing Direction 6 O’clock
Display Type dot matrix Positive display
Light slice thickness 1.6MM
Connector Metal PIN

Product parameters

Size Perspective direction Display Mode Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Drive Mode Polarization Type
58*32*13.2mm 6 O’clock Positive display ﹣30℃-﹢80℃ ﹣20℃-﹢70℃ 1/4DUTY 1/3BIAS
Vop: 5V
TOP slice :Transmission
Down slice:Transflective

Product application

Bedroom home appliance:air-condition、ventilator、warm air blower、warmer、Washing machine, dryer, electric water heater, air purification controller.
KitchenElectron :Pressure cooker, electric cooker, refrigerator, ice maker, red wine, water dispenser, DouJiangJi, coffee pot, bread machine, hot kettle, yogurt machine, electric oven, induction cooker, radiation furnace, electric steam oven, disinfection cabinet, oil absorption, tea set electrical appliances controller.
Other:Car audio, straight hair apparatus, hair curler, RF remote control switch, LED power supply, lighting, temperature control and controller.

Technical support

According to the customer’s requirements of various specifications、Type(TN,HTN,STN,FSTN)LCD

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