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Hexagonal Blue LED Backlight Panel for Communication Module 

Please Download File7100backlight data.pdf

Product Attribute

Model Number: 7100
Brand: BLY
Product Type: LED Backlight
Shape: planar
LED Type: LED light-emitting diode 
LED Distribution position: Side down type 
Display Mode: Reflection type 
Color: BLUE
Size: 92*85.3*2.0
Template materials: Optical film 
Film Thickness: 0.2(μm)
Light slice thickness : 2.5(mm)
Connector: DIP LED
Forward Voltage: 3.0V-3.1V
Luminous intensity: 20-30cd/m²
Wave Length: 466-467nm

Product parameters

Item Symbol Min Typ Unit Unit Condition
Forward Voltage Vf(G) 3 —— 3.1 V IF=120mA
Reverse Current IR —— —— 10 uA VR=5V
 Wavelength WL WD 466 —— 467 nm IF=120mA
Luminous Uniformity Pe 70 —— —— % IF=120mA
Luminance Lv(G) 20   30 Cd/m² IF=120mA

Product application

MP3 & 4, mobile phones, instrumentation, thermostat, car DVD, fax machine, IC card public telephones, electronic scales, information phone, Pocket PC, tax control products, medical devices, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, household appliances, as well as transportation and many other products

Technical support

Specifications can be designed as per customer’s requires.  

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