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1.0 Watt High Power LED

Please Download FileH1W High Power LED data.pdf

Product Attribute

Model Number H1W  High Power LED
Brand Name BLY
Product type High Power LED
Operating Temperature(℃)   ﹣20℃─﹢60℃
Power Dissipation 1W
Structure Surface contact type
Material Chip, support, bottom glue, gold line, colloid                         
Stitch Qty 2

Product parameters

BLY-H1WR50 RED 620-630 35-50 2.0-2.5 1W 300-1200
BLY-H1WY50 YELLOW 580-590 35-50 2.0-2.5
BLY-H1WB20 BLUE 460-470 15-20 3.2-3.5
BLY-H1WG70 GREEN 520-530 50-70 3.2-3.5
BLY-HWW90 WHITE 5000-7000 80-90 3.2-3.5
BLY-H1WWW80 W-WHITE 3000-4000 70-80 3.2-3.5
BLY-H1WW110 WHITE 5000-7000 100-110 3.2-3.5
BLY-H1WWW100 W-WHITE 3000-3500 90-100 3.2-3.5

Product application

With the widely used of LED, in particular, is widely used in lighting, advertising; For example: back light, LED guardrail lights, LED the ball bubble, LED lamp cup, LED buried lights, high-power underwater lamp, LED rainbow tube, LED lamp series, LED floodlight, LED light, LED small night lights, LED luminous words, LED optical fiber, traffic signal light, LED tree, community lighting, LED street lamp, general mark, household appliances, LED light, LED emergency light, automobile industry, the LED mining lamps, LED light lamp, LED decorative light

Technical support

All kinds of parameters, specifications, color, various shapes LED can be customized as per customer’s requires .

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