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153.6*91.0*1.4mm Resistive Touch Screen

Please Download FileM6218Atouch panel data.pdf

Product Attribute

Model NO. M6218Atouch panel
Brand BLY
Type Touch Screen
Structure film+glass+FPC[film :Mist side prevent cattle(0.188mm)、glass:500Ω/(1.1mm)、tail:FPC(pitch=1.0mm)]
Operation voltage 5.0V
Circuit level  DC5V 1mA
Insulation impedance  ≥20MΩ(250 DC)
Linearity ≤1.5%
Transmittance ≥80%
Input Foree 10-100g
Hitting Life 1000000 times
Operation Temperature (-10℃~+60℃,≤90% RH)
Storage Temperature (-20℃~+70℃,≤90% RH)
Size 153.6*91.0*1.4(mm)

Product parameters

SIZE Structure Operating Voltage Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Operating Pressure Circuit Grade 
153.6*91.0*1.4MM film+glass+FPC 5.0V (-20℃~+70℃,≤90% RH) (-10℃~+60℃,≤90% RH) 1000000次 DC5C 1mA

Product application

Touch screen in our application range is very wide, main is public information query; Such as telecommunications bureau, tax bureau, bank, electric power industries business query; City street information query; In addition applied to leadership office, industrial control, military command, electronic games, the song order, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sale, etc

Technical support

According to the customer’s requirements of various specifications, shape, size of the touch panel.

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