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T8 LED Tube Light(3.5*2.8mm SMD LED)(Wide Voltage)

Product Attribute

Model NO. BLY-T8-0.3 BLY-T8-0.6 BLY-T8-0.9 BLY-T8-1.2
Brand BLY
Type LED Tube
LEDLight Source: 3528  (6-7LM)
Encloser: Milky White Transparent Stripe Cover
LED Quantity: 144pcs 190PCS 288PCS 360PCS
SIZE: 590mm 900mm 1200mm 1500mm
Input Voltage: 85-265AC
Output total Power: 9W 12W 18W 22W
Luminance(LM): 750 1026 1486 1836
Colour Temperature 2500-6500(K)
Chip High Brightness Crystal Chip3528
Power Supply Not Isolation Power
Power Factor 0.96
Lrritation Angle 120℃
Light Failure 10%(One Year)
Operating Temperature —20—60℃
Storage Temperature 5—30℃
Keep Quality Two Years

Product parameters

ITEM NO. LEDLight Source Encloser LED Quantity SIZE Voltage Power Luminance Remark
3528  6-7LM Milky White Transparent Stripe Cover 144pcs 590mm 85-265AC 9W 750LM Wide voltage
BLY-T8-0.9 3528  6-7LM Milky White Transparent Stripe Cover 190pcs 900mm 85-265AC 12W 1026LM Wide voltage
BLY-T8-1.2 3528  6-7LM Milky White Transparent Stripe Cover 288pcs 1200mm 85-265AC 18W 1486LM Wide voltage
BLY-T8-1.5 3528  6-7LM Milky White Transparent Stripe Cover 360pcs 1500mm 85-265AC 22W 1836LM Wide voltage

Product application

With the widely used of LED, in particular, is widely used in lighting, advertising; For example: back light, LED guardrail lights, LED the ball bubble, LED lamp cup, LED buried lights, high-power underwater lamp, LED rainbow tube, LED lamp series, LED floodlight, LED light, LED small night lights, LED luminous words, LED optical fiber, traffic signal light, LED tree, community lighting, LED street lamp, general mark, household appliances, LED light, LED emergency light, automobile industry, the LED mining lamps, LED light lamp, LED decorative light

Technical support

All kinds of parameters, specifications, color, various shapes LED can be customized as per customer’s requires .

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