A Brief Introduction For Touch Screen

       Touch screen is a screen of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). It can receive contact from outside, like man’s finger. When you touch a picture button of LCD, the screen would generate some kind of contact signal according to pre-programmed programs. It is perfect replacing mechanical button, not only from function effect, but also from sound effect and visual effect. As one of the newest computer output devices, touch panel is the most simplest, easiest and natural way for human machine interaction so far. It is a revolutionary product which totally changes the appearance of multi-media devices that highly attracted attention. It is widely used in public information inquiry machines, office devices, industrial control devices, military commanding devices, electronic game machines, food ordering devices in cafeteria, multi-media teaching devices in school and so on. The technique requirements of touch panel are that material transparent and absolute orientation. Firstly, Touch screen is the surface of LCD, so it must be transparent and people could see the video from LCD. That is the reason why chalk board and elevator switch button do not use LCD. Secondly, absolute orientation it means wherever your finger touches is the exact position and you do not need a second action. It is unlike the Computer mouse has a relative system and it needs an arrow to tell you the position. Touch panel does not have an arrow because an arrow would confuse the users.

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