The Requirement of Touch Panel Manufacturers in The Future

What is the requirement of touch panel manufacturers with the trend that the super thin notebook computer and the smart phone are getting thinner and lighter in the future? 

So far, the biggest trend of touch pane is getting lighter and thinner. The traditional G/G structure of touch panel is that the cover glass and the sensor glass are separated.  So it is very thick for two glasses are sticking together.  In order to achieve the goal, it has to integrate the cover glass and the sensor glass. There are two development options for the circuit. It is integrated with either the cover glass like OGS technology or the sensor glass like incell technology.                

     The OGS technology is that ITO glass is integrated with cover glass. It not only can reduce one piece of glass, but also can save a laminating process. Meanwhile, the incell technology is that sensor glass is integrated with display device. Besides, the product of incell technology is lighter and thinner than OGS’s.  Although it has no cover glass, a layer of external cover is still needed by a cell phone. So in this case, the thickness and weight of OGS technology’s product is basically the same as incell’s. The OGS technology has been adopted by iPhone 5, but the passing rate is very low. Because its cost and technical threshold are very high, it is very difficult to integrate with the whole industrial chain, and only TFT panel factories or AMOLED panel factories like Samsung are able to develop the incell technology. Furthermore, we can see that more and more smart phones are adopted 16:9 the ratio of length to width instead of traditional 4:3. From the perspective of aesthetics, the design of 16:9 is more beautiful than the design of 4:3, but it will require more accurate technology for touch panel manufacturers.

     With the popularization of smart phones and tablet computers, human-computer interaction has become the most win support operation way. The touch panel as human-computer media has been widely applied.  As windows 8 comes into the market, it is going to increase the trend greatly. Perhaps in 5 years,  the touch panel will be popularized in the notebook computer and the desktop computer.

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