Capacitive Touch Screen was Popularized as The Price Went Down

   What  did make the change that the price obviously went down while the capacitive touch screen was popularized  quickly in the last two years?   
    The market price of one 7 inch capacitive touch screen was about 17-18 dollar in 2011. And the market price had dropped to 12-13 dollar in the first half of 2012. This was because the development in production technology, such as the development of adhesive materials and manufacturing process.  In the past, touch panels adopted water glue or OTCA laminating technology. But no matter materials or equipments were not mature enough, it caused the pass ratio of touch panel module very low so that the cost never dropped down. Eventually, the market price of touch panel was very difficult to come down. After more than one year development, adhesive materials have been improved a lot so that the pass ratio has been enhanced. Meanwhile, the material of module has been made better than ever.  At present, there have been substituted materials for ITO, and some products which are similar to Nano carbon tube have been developed.  As some record data, there may be 16000 tons ITO in stock in the global which can be normally supplying for 10 years. So many manufacturers are positively researching and developing the alternative products for ITO.

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