The Difficulties of Making Large Size Touch Panel

What difficulties do we have  in producing large size touch panel?

Producing large size touch panel  will be much more difficult with a series of problems, such as the sensor impedance, noise, cost,  production process and so on.  For example, there will be a lot of problems in pasting process. If  touch panel is adopting the traditional G/G structure and cover panel and sensor panel are hard glasses,  there are more chances to create bubbles  in pasting process with liquid optical adhensive and the pass rate is affected.  It is relatively simple for mobile phone and tablet computer which adopts small size G/G structure touch panel. Meanwhile, large size touch panel adopts G1F structure which ITO glass is photoetched or printed on PET thin film  and cover panel is still glass.  The combination of hard glass and soft film in G1F structure touch panel is suitable for pasting. At the same time, the bigger the touch panel the more the number of IC chip channels is required, and the noise interference is greater.

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