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Resistive Touch Screen


S7501ATouch Screen

175*100*1.4mm Resistive Touch Screen

S6004ATouch Screen

147.0*77.0*1.4mm Resistive Touch Screen

S5008ATouch Screen

115.0*66.0*1.4mm Resistive Touch Panel

S5004ATouch Screen

114.0*66.0*1.4mm Resistive Touch Panel

S3805ATouch Screen

86.0*62.0*1.4mm Resistive Touch Screen

M7101ATouch Screen

165.0*104.0*1.4mm Resistive Touch Screen

M7049A Touch Screen

164.5*99.7*1.4 Resistive Touch Screen

M7035C Touch Screen

164.5*99.7*1.4mm Resistive Touch Screen

M7035ATouch Screen

164.5*99.7*1.4mm Resistive Touch Screen

M6218ATouch Screen

153.6*91.0*1.4mm Resistive Touch Screen

M6004ATouch Screen

138.2*109.5*2.1mm Resistive Touch Screen

M5703ATouch Screen

132.5*98.8*1.4mm Resistive Touch Panel

M5006ATouch Screen

123.1*54.5*1.0mm Resistive Touch Screen

M4703ATouch Screen

128.1*55.7*1.4mm Resistive Touch Panel

Resistance Touch Screen

Resistance touch screen is one of most common touch screens because of its relatively simple technology and its low cost. The main part of the resistance touch screen is a multilayer composite film which perfectly fits the surface of the display. Resistance touch screen looks like a sandwich which is usually composed by five layers, upper and lower transparent glass (or rigid plastics) layers, upper and lower transparent metal conductor layers which is a transparent insulative tiny point layer in their between. When a finger touches the surface of outside glass, the glass is deformed by the pressure so right at the touching point where the two metal conductors are making contact. Then a signal which is made by the contact is send to touch screen controller, when calculating the exact position of touching point it will operate according the stimulate mouse. This is the basic principle of resistance touch screen, so it is better to be used in the objects which have a hard surface.

Comparison of Capacitive touch panel and Resistance touch panel

It is the capacitive touch panel that could support multiple contacting points better.

It is the capacitive touch panel that is more accurate and more humanized
At the same, more interesting contents and personal designs could be made up by capacitive touch panel. One great example is that apple's iphone which wins tremendous success. One of reasons is that it has revolutionary capacitive touch panel.

It is the capacitive touch panel that is more expensive
Because of its special material and exquisite technology, its cost is usually 15%-200% higher than resistance touch panel. It is not a big cost for brand mobile phone manufactures, and it enhances the threshold of producing smart phones in fact. So it is one of reasons that smart phones are so expensive.

With the development of technology and the intensity of market competition, the cost of capacitive touch panel is getting lower and lower. Ever since 2008, it is applied to the low-end smart phones. Nowadays, it has been widely used in every trade and meanwhile the resistance touch panel is used less and less. That is because that the cost compared to the user experience has been ignored.